The USA after Charlottesville – A New Civil War?

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The USA, Charlottesville, instability and war

As I had foreseen, instability in the USA is going to grow more and more – a new civil “war” spilling into Europe can’t be ruled out. Charlottesville is the tip of an iceberg: the struggle between liberals and traditional America which elected Donald Trump.


A new civil war in the USA?
A new civil war in the USA? Civil War battle site – Chattanooga

Eight months ahead of presidential elections in the USA, I foresaw three events on the basis of an in-depth analysis:

  • Donal J. Trump could win the Republican ticket
  • Donal J. Trump could become the 45th president of the United States of America
  • Increasing instability in the USA due to the struggle between liberals and traditional America.

You can read my analysis (in Italian) in Rischi di Stabilita’ Geopolitica in USA?.

A few days before Americans went to the polls, I wrote an article which – among other things – analyzed two scenarios:

  • Hillary Clinton’s victory. I wrote: ‘… Whatever the outcome, whether the winner is Clinton or Trump, the USA will change forever …’
  • Donald Trump’s victory. I wrote: ‘… if liberal America loses presidential election (and, maybe, even congressional elections), will it accept the governance loss to the advantage of an America [traditional America] many liberals despise? If Hillary Clinton loses elections, the world will begin to change – the transition will probably be neither short nor painless: as regards the USA, I foresee tensions – notably racial ones – will grow more and more …’

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Geopolitical Aspects of the Crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia

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Geopolitics - Doha, Qatar's capital, gives an idea of how important sea control is for the country

An analysis of the latest developments in the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar – the situation is getting much worse and geopolitics are going to get complicated.


Qatar is going to receive F-15 American fighters
Qatar is going to receive F-15 American fighters

Chances are that you read my article Il Qatar ed il Medio Oriente – L’Inferno Geopolitico, at least if you speak Italian.

Today I am interested in analyzing latest developments, for what is happening between Qatar and Saudi Arabia – even if very few analysts are paying attention – is revealing.

In a few words, Saudi Arabia has accused Qatar of trying to internationalize Saudi holy sites which, as you will know, happen to include Islam’s most sacred site; every Muslim should visit that site at least once in his life – the Hajj pilgrimage.

The Saudis said what Qataris are trying to do amounts to a declaration of war on the Kingdom. Qatar answered by stating it has never called for such an internationalization; besides, it has lodged a complaint with the UN, expressing concerns about freedom of Hajj for Qataris.

As a consequence of the tension between Qatar and Saudi Arabia – and its allies – there have indeed been a lot of discussions on how to deal with this matter; as a result, no one has been able to understand the exact situation – it seems to depend on who is speaking.

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